Optimizing health using a science-based holistic approach

Our Vision

Logo_02Open Hand Nutrition is a holistic nutrition consulting business that is devoted to increasing peoples’ awareness of how food choices and lifestyle habits affect the quality of health and sense of well-being. Its mission is to work closely with people of all ages who are looking for a holistic approach to improving how they look and feel. We start with the understanding that the body has an innate power to self-heal under the right conditions. Because each person is unique, our approach is to uncover our client’s biochemical individuality and create a personalized nutrition and lifestyle protocol to awaken and support the inherent potential for health, balance, and happiness.


Even though we do not diagnose, prescribe, or directly treat any medical condition, we create individualized, scientifically-based programs of nutritional support to complement the treatments prescribed by their doctor. In addition, we offer nutritional education to serve their understanding about their particular condition and the natural healing process. This information may be presented in the form of dietary recommendations. These suggestions are guided by recent scientific research along with a thorough, in-depth interviewing process, evaluation of numerous health questionnaires, laboratory test results, and quantitative and qualitative nutrient analysis of the client’s actual food intake over several days.

While our emphasis focuses on a daily diet of healthy whole foods, we may recommend high quality, therapeutic nutritional supplementation to fill any nutritional gaps or provide targeted support to specific areas of the body that need strengthening or rebalancing. We also may suggest potential lifestyle changes to enhance the healing process. We understand that everyone seeking better health is involved in a unique path toward personal wellness goals. Our role is to act as a guide and supportive partner as the client undertakes this journey. Through the process, we help our clients discover how their diet and lifestyle habits may be contributing to their current state of discomfort or dis-ease. We are committed to cooperatively working with them to provide the tools they need to help them restore health and balance and attain their optimal health and wellness goals.

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