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John S.

I look and feel much better and much of that stubborn weight has come off

I saw Bonnie last summer for a diet consultation; I had been struggling with my weight for several years. No matter what I did, I could not seem to lose weight. Bonnie has an amazing amount of knowledge about diet and many resources to draw upon. She was very thorough in assessing my current diet and what the strengths and weaknesses were. She suggested a change in diet that has made all the difference. I look and feel much better and much of that stubborn weight has come off. Friends have commented upon my weight loss and overall fitness.

Bonnie is very knowledgeable and open to exploring different diets as she recognizes that there is no "one diet fits all." This has made all the difference for me. If you are suffering from ill health or are overweight and are not sure what diet would be best for you, I would advise you to have a consultation with Bonnie.

Victor L.

thumbsup3 When I learned I had cardiac atrial fibrillation, I found Bonnie's health and nutrition tips to be very useful and timely

Her approach is very thorough and loving and caring.
The heart/cardio specialists did not seem to place any importance on nutrition, food and supplements. Their focus was on prescription drugs and surgeries.
Bonnie gave me lots of helpful information, and it is good to know I can consult with her on this matter in the future. With her help, I feel more prepared for my odyssey with atrial fibrillation.

I feel very lucky, and I highly recommend her services.


Janis W.

thumbsup3 Increased energy and weight loss by following Bonnie's advice

My primary care doctor has been excellent with diagnosis and supplements, but tends not to make use of diet directly. For a few years I have tried to deal with pre-diabetes through raw diet but my A1C readings kept edging up. When my doctor asked me to start a prescription drug I decided I wanted to have a full dietary consultation with Bonnie instead. Bonnie was very thorough and exact in her findings and her recommendations. Her understanding of the complexities of diabetes and her knowledge of use of supplements was impressive. My energy has been good on the diet, and as a side benefit I have lost weight! I am looking forward to my next A1C test in the next few months.


Rae T.

thumbsup3 The chronic tiredness I was experiencing is gone!

I wasn't sure if I needed help with my diet, but after consulting Bonnie, it became very obvious that I was missing out on key nutrients. She did a very thorough analysis of my diet and based on that, defined the areas very clearly where I needed to make changes to optimize my health. 


Now having made the changes Bonnie suggested I can very much feel the difference, especially in my energy levels. My energy is sustained throughout the day and the chronic tiredness I was experiencing is gone. She has such a gracious, non-judgmental and professional way of doing this that it was easy to understand her analysis and suggestions, and to make the required changes that were personal to my needs. I feel really served and helped and will definitely go back to her again - her seriousness about nutrition and her depth of knowledge really show and I feel truly grateful for her professional and kind help ...thank you so much, Bonnie.


Howard R.

thumbsup3What she gave me exceeded what I asked for!

In Bonnie Mehrbach, I have found a nutritionist whose is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, thorough in her research, dedicated to the health of her clients, and passionate about her profession. 

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I went to her for recommendations to deal with a very specific orthopedic problem. What she gave me exceeded what I asked for and just one small fraction of it helped me deal immediately with a potential problem that only came to light after our consultation. I’m very pleased to have found her and will most certainly call on her services in the future.


Theresa L.

thumbsup3 Knowledgeable and non-judgmental!

I found Bonnie to be very knowledgeable of all aspects of nutrition and sensitive to consider in a non-judgmental fashion how my diet affects all elements of my life. Thank you, Bonnie.



Jeanne M.

thumbsup3I would highly recommend Bonnie to anyone!

Bonnie is very professional and has an impressive in-depth knowledge of the field of nutrition.  She spent considerable time going over my husband’s health issues and helping him come up with an appropriate diet. It is a great comfort to us to be working with someone who has her level of commitment and skill.  I would highly recommend Bonnie to anyone who is confused about diet choices and the effects of diet on health in general.


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