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Free Introductory Session: A 15-minute phone consultation with Bonnie Mehrbach, Nutrition Consultant.

If you and Bonnie agree that a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan can help you reach your health and wellness goals, then you will receive forms from Open Hand Nutrition. You will be asked to complete these forms prior to the Initial Consultation.

The forms include:

  • Personal family and medical history questionnaire
  • Health appraisal questionnaire
  • Metabolic screening questionnaire
  • Questionnaires that target your particular health issues

You will also receive a 3-day food and liquid record to complete so we can create a detailed analysis of the nutrient content of your current diet.

You will also be asked for current (and past) lab test results.

The next step is the initial consultation.

To start the process, simply complete the form below and click the button labeled "Click Here to Send to Open Hand Nutrition". You will hear from us shortly by phone or email to schedule your free initial consultation. 


Confidentiality Policy

It is the policy of Open Hand Nutrition to ensure the confidentiality of all medical information provided by its clients, as required by law and the professional codes of ethics. Open Hand Nutrition protects all health information from any unauthorized use and disclosure. There will be no disclosure or accessing of any client’s personal information without the client’s explicit permission and consent.

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Are you?

 Fatigued, moody or irritable?
 Craving sweets?
 Fighting an addiction?
 Frequently sick with colds and flus?
 Depressed or anxious?
 Diabetic or pre-diabetic?
 At risk for heart disease?
 Suffering aches, pains or chronic inflammation?
 Experiencing frequent gas, bloating, constipation or digestive disorders?
 Healing from an injury or illness?

Do you have?

 Skin rashes?
 Yeast infections?
 Low libido?
 Hormonal imbalances?
 Osteoporosis or osteopenia?
 High blood sugar?
 High blood pressure?
 High cholesterol?
 Memory loss or 'brain fog'?

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