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High or Low Blood Sugar Issues: What Are the Symptoms?

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People affected by blood sugar dysregulation suffer a wide range of symptomology. One of the most common symptoms is fatigue. If there is insufficient circulating blood sugar, the cells cannot generate sufficient energy for the body’s needs. The body tires and feels ill and out of balance. Usually, there is more hunger, because the cells call for more fuel. Oftentimes, the hungry person reaches for simple carbohydrates and sugary foods looking for a source of quick energy, but unfortunately, this feeding frenzy only feeds a downward cycle and intensifies symptomology.


Other common symptoms can include body aches, muscle cramping and cognitive issues, such as difficulty concentrating, depression, mood changes, anxiety, irritability, and a greater sensitivity to stress, due to adrenal fatigue. There can be a lowered resistance to infection due to an overworked immune system that is attempting to counteract the inflammation that follows high blood glucose and insulin levels The entire body is in a state of dis-ease, and this degradation of the body continues unless homeostasis is restored. However, unless balance returns, dysglycemia typically advances to hypoglycemia, obesity, insulin resistance, Syndrome X and type 2 diabetes mellitus, a horrible, life-threatening disease.


In advancing stages of diabetes, the oxidative stress and tissue inflammation caused by the exaggerated swings in the levels of glucose and insulin in the bloodstream can also lead to retinopathy, poor wound healing, foot ulcers, Charcot foot, kidney disease, neuropathy, cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, immune system dysfunction, and worsening cognitive disorders (Pizzorno, 2006). There is a strain on all of the body’s resources, and every organ system is involved.


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