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pure water into glass
Here’s why you should drink plenty of water and how much is enough.
 The human body is generally acknowledged to be more than 60% water. The brain is over 70% water. These numbers alone tell us that it is healthy to drink plenty of water.


Get Ready for Winter and the Cold and Flu Season – Give Your Immune System a Tune-Up

Now is the time – before illness strikes  for an immune system tune-up to re-charge your health.


Detoxification: Why Now?

Did you know that today there are more than 72,000 toxic chemicals found in our environment?


Lab Tests: Do You Know Your Numbers?

“What can I do to feel and look better? How can I improve my health and longevity?” To answer those questions, you need to know your numbers!


 Blood Sugar Management: A Holistic Approach

The holistic approach offers nutritional and lifestyle suggestions to support  healthy blood sugar levels.


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